What is Blogging and How to Start a Blog?

Before comes to know what is blogging? We should understand what is a blog? History of blog. In the begging of 1990’s blog known as a term online diary. Online diary is used to share personal views and day to day things someone do. With time people find a good opportunity in blogging to earn money and to connect with honest audience via blog on internet. So let’s get started our journey to know everything about blogging.

What is Blogging?


A blog (shortening term of “weblog”) is a website/platform where we can discuss or publish our thoughts and researches on any topic or can communicate with large number of audience. Our thoughts publish on blog as text entries that called posts. Posts display as reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post can display on top.  Before 2010 blogs were usually work by single person but later 2010 multi author blogs were started.

Structure of Blog

Structure of blog is changing time to time. Now a days there are many templates or designs available on internet for free of cost. A typical or basic structure of blog contains

  • Header
  • nav bar or menu
  • main content publish area where we post our articles
  • side bar that contain some important features such as recent posts, social sharing options
  • Footer that has links like privacy policies, contact information or any other information you want to share.
basic blog structure

Here you can see and select some good and free templates of blog. Now we can come to know our topic what is blogging?

What is blogging?

When multi-author blogging emerged that written by multiple authors and edited by professionals. It is mainly used by media companies such as newspapers, news channels and education department such as universities, advocacy groups. They start interacting with large number of audience. Multi authors and edited by professionals. Then people start offering service or sell their products through blogging and now there are many ways to monetize your blog.You can find out what other ways to make money from internet.

Types of blog

When you decide to start a blog very first think comes in everyone in mind on which topic/niche we have to start our blog. I suggest to start a blog on the niche you are good at or any skill you know, anything you can teach through your blog. But if still you are not able to decide the topic/niche of your blog then there are lots of niche available on internet on that you can start your blog. We have wide range of interest, topics, audience and products that can cover under a blog.

Here are the some popular niche for blogging.

  • Travel Blogs

Now a days travel blogs are becoming more popular because people started more travelling or travelling becomes a trend now a days hotels, air tickets, food everything goes cheaper that thanks to our start-up world. If you love travelling or travel more than you can start writing about places where you travel about their location what is good or bad there where to go what to eat there everything you want to share you can.

  • Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogs are the evergreen blogs because of our fashion industry is very huge and global audience. Everyone wants to update their self with latest and trendy fashions. Popular fashion bloggers can invited in big events and have a special treatment by big brands.

  • Food Blogs

Our next very popular blog is food blog niche. Everyone loves food when it comes to taste we need the best. But in food blogging it’s not only about taste there are many sub niches available in food niches like you can share recipes of different cuisines, you can rate or review a restaurant or a dish, healthy food, fine dining, etc.

  • Fitness Blogs

Everybody in the world is concern about their health and fitness. It is a great opportunity to fitness trainers, dieticians and people who have knowledge of how to keep healthy body. People are constantly looking on internet how to keep fit and healthy body as internet in now a days is a platform for advice people seeking advice here and you can capture clients from your blog too.

  • Music Blogs

Music is in the soul. Everyone loves music and people constantly looking for trendy music. Blogs on different type of music or on different languages.

  • Movie Review Blogs

Every week we have new movies. Now a days no one have that much time to watch all movies so people read reviews of movies and decide which movie to watch on this weekend. So it is a good opportunity to start and a fun to work as blogger.

There are so many niche to start blogging do a little bit of research or can contact us to discuss we will guide you to select and start blogging. Now you choose your niche for blogging next big question is arise how to start blogging?

How to start a blog?

After selecting a niche you have to decide a name of your blog that we called a domain name. Now you are thinking what is a domain name?

What is a domain name?

In simple term Domain name is address for web browser and peoples to find your blog. It’s like if a delivery guy comes to your home he needs your address to find your home same as how people will find your blog? Consider your blog as your home and to reach your home people need your address and domain name is your web address.

How to book a domain name?

There are many sites where you can book your domain name and check whether it is available or not. Most popular domain names come with .com but now a days we have different extensions domains that becoming popular we have country specific domains extensions like .in, .co.in, .au, .uk, etc. Some popular platforms where you can search and book your domain. A domain can cost you $7-$10 if it is available. Popular platforms are

I recommend you to book after little bit of research. Search and check prices on every platform where you get the cheapest rate book from here. If you find any difficulty to find or book your domain you can contact over email I will help you. Next you have to choose a platform for your blog.

How to choose a platform for blog?

We have many blogging platforms where you can start your blog we will discuss some popular blogging platforms here and compare a little.

  1. Blogger

Blogger is owned by Google and it is completely free. It is very easy to use. All you need to start a Gmail account and a domain name to start your own blog on blogger. It provides you free and secure hosting. We will discuss next about hosting. If you want to learn how to set blog on blogger you can read step by step guide.

Pros and Cons of Blogger


  • Blogger is completely free.
  • Provide hosting and highly secured.
  • Easy to use and doesn’t required any technical knowledge.


  • Blogger has limited designs and features.
  • You can’t add many features or edit your blog you have limitations.
  • Google can suspend your blog at any time or can cancel The Blogger Service ( Google have history to do this without warning i.e. Feed Burner)
  • WordPress.org

WordPress.org is the world’s most popular platform that starts in 2003. Almost 30% of the world’s websites on the wordpress.org. Don’t confuse in between wordpress.org and wordpress.com. It is a self-hosted blog. It is an open source platform. It allows you to build your website and gives you full control to edit your blog as you want. If you want to learn how to set blog on wordpress you can read step by step guide.

Pros and Cons


  • There are lots of templates available for your blogs free and paid both.
  • You can build your own website or ecommerce platform or can add as many as features you want.
  • There are lots of plugins available on internet o add on features and optimize your blog.
  • Blogs on this platform can build seo friendly with the help of plugins. You can optimize your blog as you want.
  • WordPress.com

WordPress.com is started in 2005. It is free hosted blog service. It has some paid additional features like storage and custom domain names.

Pros and Cons



  • Limited features and options to customize.
  • You can’t monetize your blog.
  • This is not self-hosted that mean you don’t own this blog that can be suspended any time by the company.

There are lot more platforms available but these are the most popular but I recommend you to choose platform according to your need. If you are just want to share your views and want to interact with your readers don’t want to earn money then go for blogger. If you are aim to earn money from blogging then go for wordpress.org. It requires little bit more research and guide to complete know about it. Don’t worry it is also very simple to use I will help you to setup your own blog just write us if you find any confusion and problem.

Now we have to take our next step that is we have to choose hosting. Before that you need to understand what is hosting?

What is Hosting?

Hosting/web hosting is a place where we put our blog/website. In simple term domain name is our address, our blog is our house then web hosting is our empty plot. Like we need an empty plot to build our house, we need web hosting to run our blog. Web hosting is place where we store our blog’s content, images and videos. Blogs/ websites are hosted on special computers called servers. When any user type or search in web browsers like Google, Yahoo or Bing. They need to type your web address that is your domain name then a request goes to your server than server shows your blog to your user. It happens in some seconds. It is that much fast. We have many companies who provides hosting services. Here are some good companies we have

You are all set to publish your blog on internet. Now you have to write content for your blog. Now the question rise is that you are not the only one who doing this work. We have hundreds of blogs posting everyday on internet. How people will reach to your blog. In today’s time competition is too high in everything so here too. But don’t worry we have solution for this. All you need to know about SEO (search engine marketing). Now you are thing what is that.

SEO is a process to increase traffic on your blog/website for free. If you want to learn SEO will provide a full guide to understand SEO in depth. How to increase traffic on your website.

Some Tips from My Experience
  • Don’t shuffle your head just be calm if you want to make money from blog just start writing.
  • Make writing your daily habit as eating and have some patience.
  • Blogging can give you money but it will take time, in starting you will earn less very less or may be none but if you follow our steps you will earn handsome income.
  • Write your post long around 2000 words. Try to post every day.
  • Now just select a niche, book a domain, choose a platform, choose a hosting service and start writing don’t think how traffic will come to your blog for that I am here to guide you.
  • In this blog I just guide you how to setup blog just setup blog and start writing then read how to optimize your blog for SEO to gain traffic.
  • You also can read how to write SEO friendly content.

If you like my blog or have any queries or need my help comment or email me. I will revert not immediately but definitely.

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