Ways to Make Money from Blog

Today we are going to learn about 11 ways to make money from blog. If you are a blogger then this blog post is really helpful for you. If you want to start your blog or a beginner than you must read this.

So, let’s get started.

#1 Ads

Ads is our first method. Ads are the most popular one. Ads are the most prominent one. You can get ads for your blog easily. You can take ads from Google AdSense or media.net. There are many platforms providing ads for you blogs. When you get enough followers then you can start monetizing from blog. This is one of the easiest way to make money from blog.

#2 Affiliate Marketing

You can earn from affiliate marketing. If you don’t know what is affiliate marketing? You can read our other blog to get detailed information about affiliate marketing. This is one of the best and popular method among bloggers. If you don’t have blog still you can earn from affiliate by sharing products link on social media. Whenever someone purchase from your shared link you will get commission. There are many affiliate companies but one of the popular company is amazon associates.

#3 Info Products

Info products are digital products like courses, how to guide products, courses videos, etc. are examples of info products. Info products are not for every niche. It is for some particular niche. Most popular niche of info products are health, wealth and relationship. If you are working on these niche you can sell info products. If you have enough followers and good authority you are ready to sell your info product. But you have to put more value in your course and content to sell info products. If you don’t have value in content then it is difficult to sell info products.

#4 Sell Software

You can earn by sell software from your blog. For example you are an SEO expert and has a blog on SEO. You have very good fan following and loyal followers. Then you can develop a keyword research tool and start selling on your blog. Your followers defiantly start buying it.

#5 Sell Services

Next is by selling services. You can earn from your blog by selling services. You can become a consultant in a field you have enough experience and knowledge.

#6 Coaching

Our next way to make money from blog is coaching. If you have a blog and have past experience in any field you are good at. Enough followers on your blog and you have good authority then you can start selling your coaching. You can offer personal coaching. Personal coaching is more expensive than other services.

#7 Selling Physical Products

You can sell physical products. If you have contacts to manufacturers and can invest some initial amount then you can directly sell your brand products. Otherwise you can resell other brand product. First build your loyal fan following.

#8 Sponsored Post

Eighth way to make money from your blog is by sponsored post. If you have good views and good authority then you can earn from sponsored post. People will reach out to you for guest posting but tell them you will do a sponsored post for them not a guest post. They will pay for you to post their website on yours.

#9 Be a Consultant

If you helped a lot of people in past and have enough knowledge and experience then you can start consultancy. Coaching and consultancy are almost similar but the main difference is coaching is for short term and consultancy is for long term. This is also a very good way to earn money from blog.

#10 Sell Your Website

It’s a quick way to earn money from your website. You have to do just increase organic view on your website and then you cans sell your website on flippa.com or other website like this. This way to earn money from your blog is a very quick way to earn money.

#11. Donations

Almost everyone think that no one give donations but that’s not true. Wikipedia is running in donations. Many YouTubers are using patreon. They earn much more from patreon then AdSense. Yes donations do work in today’s time. If you have good and valuable content in your website.

 If you have good content valuable content on your website or blog. You have good authority of your blog. You can ask whatever you want.

I hope these methods will help you to find out suitable way to make money from your blog. Thanks

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