What is Network Marketing?

Everyone know what is network marketing? Some people know network marketing as chain system, some by the name of direct selling, some by the multilevel marketing (mlm), some by pyramid scheme.

Network marketing has navigate or positive image among people but everyone know what network marketing is.

First you have to understand the industry of network marketing?

Is this any scam? Is this any scandal?                          

You enter in network marketing or not is the secondary thing, but before that you have to understand the industry. You need to understand what is network marketing?

Explanation of Network Marketing

Network marketing is a philosophical scientific thought process to market a product, good or service.

Explanation of network marketing

Why Network Marketing has a Negative Image?

Network marketing is a very good industry. But network marketing has negative image between 80% of the people. Why? People don’t want to join network marketing companies, no one want to enter in this industry instead of knowing why network marketing has a negative image.

Reason Why Network Marketing has a Negative Image?

Network marketing negative image

Reason: Any company launch in market that do scam. Company that offers you to make you millionaire overnight and you attracts to that scheme and invest in it and after some time that company ran away or disappears.

These type of companies grow very fast, no doubt they made some millionaires and then these companies disappear overnight. These type of experience made a negative image of network marketing.

These type of companies who provide schemes, scams made a negative impact of network marketing industry on people. But that doesn’t mean network marketing industry is bad.

Otherwise in whole world network marketing is the only industry that made millionaires and billionaires very fast.

Focus, network marketing is not a bad industry. There are two things who made this industry negative.

First that companies who comes with the mind set to collect money from people and disappear. Second the people who fails in this industry and tell other people that this industry is bad.

But it is not necessary that if they are not able to get success in this industry you are also not able to get success. Without give it a try how can you know that you can do this or not. No one sees what mistakes they done. They just told you that network marketing is bad.

Process of Network Marketing

process of network marketing

You aware about channel distribution process? Like channel distribution is a process. Likewise Network Marketing is also a process to market a product or service. In this industry individuals are distributors who directly connected with the manufacturer and sale directly to consumers or customers.

You just need to take care before joining any network marketing company that this company is good or bad.

How would you understand a company?
Multilevel marketing

There are three steps to understand a network marketing company.

  • People and philosophy

Whenever you join a network marketing company don’t see that how much money they will give you or they are made you millionaire overnight or not. First thing you have observe that people of the company or on which theory they are working. How’s the culture of that company? Does the people of that company has leadership qualities or not? Does that company focus on the methodology of the training or not? They take care of the learning or development part or not?

If a company only talks about profit! Profit! Profit! Then be aware of that company.

8 points of network marketing

You have to find out the purpose behind companies opening. If people want to meet without getting salary then it is a sign of good company.

If by any reason you are not get success in network marketing industry but you got a personal development from there then it is good for you. If you got good training, moral values, molarity, equality from that company then you have to join that network marketing company. Either you got success or not in network marketing industry. But it will surely do your personal development.

Network marketing is the only industry where people are highly motivated even without getting salary. On the other hand in corporate world people are getting high salary, high incentive, high pay-outs, and HR policies still people are not motivated.

  • Product

For not getting success in the network marketing industry is that people got stuck in schemes/scams they don’t pay attention on products. How’s the product? Is it useable or not? They don’t ask their self that did they purchase that product for them.

  • Plan, Profit and Pay-out

If first two P are ok then you will get profit for sure. But you need to understand their plan. Is company give money on the end of the year? Or it is giving money monthly or weekly basis. If you understand first two P of any company then don’t worry about money it will come to you.

Actually in network marketing “Power of Compounding” works.

Einstein Says – Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world.

Einstein says

For example:

example of network marketing

Network marketing same as Mango.

People says that network marketing is process of making people millionaires. They are actually right. But some people says that you will become millionaire just joining a company then be aware. It’s a scam, a lie it will do fraud with you. It will not going to happen. No business in the world that makes you millionaire overnight.

You have to work hard consistently in this industry and you will get compound result. This is the only difference between a network marketing or any other business or any job.

Is that Easy?

Now you tell me. To become a CA, CS, lawyer, doctor, to take admission in any international management college is easy?

Nothing is easy.

Network marketing is the industry where if you are educated then it’s good, if you are not educated then there is no problem. It requires your hard work. Who can do hard work that will get success. If someone says to you join network marketing your all dreams come true. It will happen but?

For that you have to do consistently hard work. If you didn’t get success in this industry don’t be upset you will learn many things from here. This industry make you strong from inside. Every industry has wrong people but that doesn’t mean we are leave to trust on that industry.

Network Marketing Facts and benefits

Some facts and benefits of this industry.

  • You write your salary cheque by yourself
  • If you are hardworking then there is no recession for you.
  • After investing a small amount you will get a huge amount in return.
  • Freedom of time for entrepreneurial mentality.
  • There is an open market for you. You are not limited to any village, city or state.
  • This is the industry where you can connect with more and more people.
  • You will get a lots of respect from this industry.
  • Recurring revenue model. You have to do one time hard work and you will get income constantly.

I pray from god that will not happen but just in case you met and accident or any miss happening with you then you family will receive this money. It’s like with life and after life.

In this business your age, sex, cast, religion and education have no meaning. Those who do hard work will get reward.

Affiliate marketing and network marketing is almost same business. In simple terms both are called referral business. To know more about affiliate marketing read our other article.

I hope this article will help you to understand what is network marketing?

Waiting for your reviews and questions if you have any. Just post on comments or email me. For regular updates subscribe my blog. Thanks

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