Make Money Downloading 5 Apps

Hey guys, hope you all are doing well and reading my blogs and start making money online. Today I am going to share with you 5 apps from which you can make money up to $120 just keeping them in your phone. You need to just download them and use for 5 minutes and they will pay you for a lifetime. Isn’t it so cool? Make money downloading 5 apps is just so cool these apps will pay you a hundred bucks for doing absolutely nothing.


#1 Panel App – Make Money Downloading 5 Apps

So, the first app is the Panel App from make money downloading 5 apps. This is a mind-blowing app you just need to download it and keep it in your phone and forget about it. It will not be going to drain your battery on your phone or anything like that however it might pay the phone bill which is kind of really interesting. Earn up to a hundred and twenty dollars a year for just keeping this app installed on your phone. Now I think this is the coolest thing ever I came a crossed.

How they will pay? So, they will pay points every month to you and you can redeem them for cash. So, just download the app and use the app for five minutes right after you download it and then after that you will earn forever. Yes, you heard me right install the app set it up only takes about five minutes and they will pay you forever. You can earn a reoccurring income of up to ten dollars every single month.

Now, if you refer friends they’re going to pay you like up to twenty dollars a month or more. First, download the app very first step fill out some of the personal information. So, they know who you are and once you complete that you’ll be able to earn points every single day that you can later redeem for cash okay. Now this works totally automatic guys. This is the coolest thing so check it out it’s over at getting panel app.

#2 Smart Panel – Make Money Downloading 5 Apps

So, the second app is Smart Panel to make money downloading 5 apps. They’re going to pay you a hundred and eighty dollars a year, guys. Listen, guys, no one will pay you hundred and eighty dollars a year for doing absolutely nothing. So, that’s a hundred eighty dollars a year for just downloading and installing the app on three devices.

Three devices guys everybody has three devices laying around. We’ve got iPads, computers, and phones, and different gadgets and different things get the watches and all that stuff. Three devices guys that’s it just three devices. You know you’re probably asking yourself well what the heck is it doing 180 bucks a year.

So, the app what it does is it spies on your activity and your search results and collects information. I know I’ll be a sound techie to you. I know what you’re thinking what about my personal stuff? We’ll see that’s just it no personal information is going to be transferred over to the app. So, there’s a big law thing you’re going on. So, they can’t really take your personal stuff. They state right on the website they don’t do that.

So, don’t worry about that your activity will be sent to advertisers who might market to you later on. They’re not going to market to you on the app. They are going to market to you in other places like maybe Facebook or on the internet or whatever to register for the app and then that’s it. You guys can just go on your right and not really do much of anything and still get paid. So, you make about five dollars for each device. Now, they only allow up to three devices so that’s going to be total around $15 a month.

#3 SlideJoy – Make Money Downloading 5 Apps


So, the third app is SlideJoy to make money downloading 5 apps. This is something that we already do and so why not get paid for doing it and that is unlocking your phone. So, you can get paid for locking well not really locking but unlocking your phone. Because I know I’m picking up my phone all the time I pick it up and I do the little thumb recognition thing and then it unlocks. If I set it down I pick it back up again it unlocks I set it down.

How would you like to get paid every single time that you do that? What is the matter with this? This app is available for Android devices only. All right just want to let you know. So, it’s not available for the iPhone or anything like that. The company wants to pay you $60 a year for leaving the app installed on your phone. All you got to do is just download the app and then you register.

Now here’s a tip for you guys. When you register to try to make sure to register with your Facebook account because then they’re going to give you more points for your activity. You know they’re going to give you more points every time you unlock your phone. So, after you download and register the app will start to display ads on your lock screen.

So, instead of saying something like maybe a picture of your family or whatever you’re going to see as an ad but who cares. So, you know you can only look at it for a second and then unlock your phone you guys are starting making money. So, after you unlock your phone the app will credit your account and then you can select to be paid out through PayPal, Amazon gift card and you can also get paid by Square cash.

So, go over there and check it out guys it’s slide joy and I really think you guys are going to love this. Now I got a couple more for you guys. So, stay with me here and keep reading make money downloading 5 apps. I got a couple more that are there you’re absolutely going to love. If the first three didn’t float your boat or whatever. If you want to know other apps from which you can earn money so read out 10 best money earning apps.

#4 Microsoft Rewards – Make Money Downloading 5 Apps

So, the fourth one is Microsoft Rewards from make money downloading 5 apps. Now, what the heck is this? Well, how would you like to make an extra $100 a year doing absolutely nothing? Microsoft will pay you $9 a month for just browsing the web and the thing is you don’t feel like. I mean I’m browsing on my phone anyway. So, why not just turn a little switch and get paid for doing it and so that’s pretty much what most of us do.

You can use any browser on your phone that uses the Bing search engine that’s all you have to do. So, you’ll get paid for ten searches per day on level one. So, if you make ten searches a day you were going to get paid for that. Now I think I might probably maybe hit around ten searches a day maybe a little probably a little bit less. If you do twenty-five searches a day they’re going to actually go to pay you more.

So, I just want to let you guys know and then so when that happens when you go over the 25 searches a day mark. You are going to be in the what they call a level 2 category and you guys are going to start to earn more money that way. Now level 2 is achieved by earning at least 500 points per month together and that 500 points per month you can redeem your points for Xbox games you can use the Windows gift card you can also add points to your Microsoft Store account. 

So, you can put the money and a point towards merchandise that is inside their store and looking through here actually I mean this is not like cheesy stuff. I mean this is actually really good stuff you can you know to build up the points in your account and then just buy something from the store because a lot of us will buy stuff online anyway will buy stuff from Amazon. So why not just use the free points that you’ve gotten from your phone maybe like a little end-of-the-year reward. You know four hundred and sixty bucks are what all this total out to be and that’s more than most people’s tax returns so it’s like having an extra tax return at the end of the year.

They’ve got drones in here that you can buy for a hundred bucks. You just need a hundred thousand points for that and you guys can just go ahead and buy that. They’ve got little JBL speakers. They have like little Bluetooth speakers and stuff that you guys can purchase different watches and this is just a couple of things. I mean this store is just full of different items they’ve got you to know hitting cameras and stuff really cool stuff so that’s how that all works.

#5 Drop App – Make Money Downloading 5 Apps

So, the fifth app is Drop App from make money downloading 5 apps. This one’s a really cool app. It helps you earn money for shopping like you normally do. Now, so really, I mean if you look at it technically if you’re not using this app you’re kind of losing money okay. So, you download the app and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to link your credit card and your debit card to the app. Because this way it knows what you’re purchasing it can keep track of all that and then so you guys can earn money.


So, you sync your credit card and debit card to it and then the app is going to give you points for every dollar that you spent all right. So, then now you’re probably wondering well how much can you make doing this right? Well you can expect to earn around 10 points per purchase now 5,000 points is going to give you like a $5 gift card and then 50,000 points will give you like a $50 gift card on Amazon all right. So, I mean it might not be cash but I mean people are buying stuff on Amazon and people are just crazy about Amazon these days.

So, why not just take that Amazon card at the points to your Amazon account and it’s really the same thing as cash you’re probably going to use cash to buy stuff online anyway. So, why not just use something from the drop app instead of using your own money. It’s a really cool concept. Now, guys, this is not going to make you rich this is just some part-time supplemental income that you can do.


So, guys hope you will like to make money downloading 5 apps. I just told you about 5 apps from which you can make money online. All you have to just install these apps and keep it in your phone and nothing have to do. These apps will track your activities and pay you to reward points and you can redeem them in cash. Don’t worry they will not take any of your personal information. If you need to know how to make money by searching Google you should read this one. Do subscribe for more ways to make cash online.

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