How to start a Blog on WordPress?

If you decide to start your blog with then I am going to guide you how to start a blog on wordpress. Before that if you don’t what is blogging you can read it on our other article. It’s just take 10 minutes to set up blog on wordpress rest is customization you can do as much you want. As I told you in my other post what is Blogging and How to Start a Blog? What all you need to start a blog is domain name and web hosting.

Book a Domain Name

To book a domain name first of all you have to check whether it is available or not. If it is available then book it but remember some things like when you choosing your domain registrar company read their review either they are positive or negative read all off them. Ask them about their terms and conditions. If every you want to transfer your domain they are charging or not because some companies charger and some don’t charge. Now what next. Next is to choose your hosting provider. You can book domain from

I prefer go for namecheap.

Choose Web Hosting Service

Now you have to choose your web hosting service. If you are a beginner and don’t have any knowledge about web hosting and need my help just email me or comment I will help you to choose web hosting for your blog. But if you aware of hosting then simple take web hosting and proceed further. Still I am giving a suggestion, don’t go for cheapest hosting just go for good hosting because hosting is directly affect your ranking of website. Some good web hosting provider companies are:

  • Targeting Indian Region

If your targeted audience or country is India then go for HostingRaja. It has the cheapest and fastest hosting and very supportive customer support. Downtime is very rare. Choose wordpress hosting and starting plan for beginning. WordPress hosting has already installed wordpress software.

Plans of Hostingraja
  • Targeting Other Region

If your targeted audience or country US or any other region then you have some options of hosting provider that have good services and support. Very rare downtime. I prefer to choose A2 Hosting, it is the oldest company with great support and services. Some good hosting provider companies are:

But remember one thing choose a wordpress hosting, it has already installed setup of wordpress. Now come to our next step.

Step by Step Guide for How to Setup WordPress Blog?

How to start a wordpress blog

Now we are going to start our wordpress setup program. You took a domain name and web hosting for wordpress. Now type your domain name and /wpadmin after your domain example It will redirect you to dashboard of wordpress. Dashboard will look like this.

Wordpress Dashboard

Now you have to choose a theme for your blog then in the left side menu bar click on appearance >> Themes.

Wordpress themes

Then click to Add New. You can search theme you want here

Themes search

If you search theme from other platform like or the download the theme in you pc and click on Upload theme in wordpress account.

Then click on choose file and select your downloaded theme and click on install now. After installation click on activate button.

Here I choose a theme Hueman. I already installed it and activate it.

Hueman theme preview

Now your theme is successfully installed and activated. Now you can start posting. In dashboard click on post >> Add New.

Add new Post on wordpress

Now add title of your post then add content in your blog post. If you want to add a feature image to your blog then in right side bar select Document >> set featured image. Now upload image or drag and drop in this.

Featured Image setting

Select the image you uploaded and write an alt text what image is about.

Alt text

Then click on publish and your post is now published. You can view your post it will look like this.

Published Blog

Now if you want to add a new button in menu bar then click on Appearance >> Customize >> Menu >> Create Menu.

Add Menu

Now type the name of menu and click on next button.

main menu

Now click on add item and then type the name of the button you want to add and click on add.

button on menu

 If you want to make a drop down then placed buttons like this you can drag and drop buttons and click on publish.

drop down button

Now you can see it added.

How to start a Blog on Wordpress? 2

Now if you want to add any category to your blog then you can add just click on the all posts and select your published post or you can add the category at the time of publishing new post. After selecting the post in right side menu bar select Documents >> Category >> Add new category >> type the name of your category >> click add new category. Then click update. Now your category is updated.

Add new Category

Now next if you want to create a contact us form then it is very simple in wordpress you just need to add a plugin called wp forms.

How to add plugin in wordpress?

On left side menu click on plugins >> Add New

add new plugin

Now type in search bar wp forms then click on install now and then active it. Once it activates you can see a button name with wp form in left bar menu.

wp form

Now click on wp form >> Add New

wp form add

Now type form name here and click on simple contact form.

create form

Now click on save your contact us form is ready.

save form

Now in left side menu bar click on Pages >> select Contact Us page. Now click on + button and select wp forms.

select wp form

Now select contact us form we created in wp forms and click on update. Now your contact us page is ready.

How to Optimize Your WordPress Blog for SEO?

Now a question comes to your mind what is SEO for that you can read our other post what is SEO? You can read it for in depth knowledge. You need a plugin called Yoast SEO to be installed to optimize your blog for SEO. You can read How to configure Yoast SEO in other post of us.

Other Plugins Required for WordPress

Here are some other plugins required for your wordpress blog to rank it fast and security purpose.

  1. UpdraftPlus

This plugin is used for back up your wordpress. You need to create your wordpress backup on regular basis if ever there is something wrong you have your back up. For more in depth you can read it how to install updraftplus and how it works.

  • Sucuri Security

This is a security scanner for your wordpress blog. It is available for free. You can read a step by step guide of how to install sucuri security.

  • WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is used to speed up your blog. For in more details you can read our article How to speed up wordpress blog.

  • Smush

Smush is used for compress your images. It resize your uploaded images and result of that your blog loads fast.

  • MonsterInsights

It is Google Analytics Plugin for wordpress. It will provide you all insight of your visitors on blog.

  • WP Forms

WP Forms used to create contact forms for your blog.

  • GetSocial

GetSocial plugin is used for social sharing buttons and analytics. This tool increase social traffic, sharing and conversions.

There are many important plugins available. But more important to generate more traffic on your blog is to content. You have to write content and publish it on your blog on regular basis and you have to write a quality content. How to write SEO friendly content is our article that has important tips on article writing a must read article.

How to Monetize from WordPress Blog?

Now you set up your blog and customized it according to your liking and optimized it. Now you wondering how actually make money from your blog. There are lots of ways to make money from blog. All you need to hard work and patience it will reward you. If you want to know other ways to make money online this other article of us is very helpful for you. Here are some best ways to make money from wordpress blog:

  • Google AdSense

You can make money by showing ads on your blog. Google AdSense is the best platform to monetize your blog for display ads. It acts as a middle man between bloggers and publishers. It will provide you best rates possible for showing ads on your blog.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a very good way to make money from your blog. In this you have to recommend services and products to your readers if they will purchase product from your recommendation or take service then you will receive commission. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing read our blog what is affiliate marketing?

I hope this step by step guide of How to set up WordPress blog will help you to set your blog. If you find any issue then you can comment or mail me. I will revert you and help you not immediately but definitely. Please share your views and comment your questions thanks.

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