How to Make $500 per Day Online?

In this blog post I am going to tell you how to make money online from referral marketing. I’m going to share with you nine websites that will help you make over $500 per day online and this is not click bait this is literally nine websites that if you know what you’re doing you can earn over $500 per day online.

Now of the websites that we are going over today it does require knowing a little bit about what is called referral marketing and if you need help with that I do have a blog post what is affiliate marketing? Be sure to go check it out.

#9 Website Number 9 to Make $500 per Day Online

All right so the number 9 website is click funnels. Just like with any business you need customers in order to make sales and that’s kind of what click funnels helps you do they help you bring in people so that you can convert them and grab their email address or phone numbers or what other type of information that you need so that you can continue to follow up with them and hopefully sell some products.

So since this is kind of a necessary evil for anyone who’s running an online business a website like click funnels really gives everyone what they need to get started online but the best part about click funnels is their affiliate program they have an affiliate program there that will pay you a recurring payment for as long as your referral stays a member and then like their cheapest product starts off at $97 and then one of the more expensive ones are close to $300.

And you’re actually going to get like a 40% commission just for referring these people see you asking well where does the $500 come in. Well once you have 100 active referrals they’re going to actually cut you a $500 check per month. So that you can go out there and lease your dream car so if you like Tesla or Lamborghini or whatever it is you can use that $500 to go lease a car.

But the great part about it is that you really don’t have to do this they’re just going to send you to check and you can do whatever you want with that money and then take it a step further if you have over 200 active refers then they’re going to give you a check of over a $1000 per month. Which is insane on top of the referral income you’re going to already be getting from the month-to-month payments.

#8 Website 8 to Make $500 per Day Online

The number-8 website that will make you over $500 per day online is Sandals Resorts. Yeah, that Sandals Resorts the one that has all of the all-inclusive resorts in these nights exotic Islands. Well those trips are rather pricey between five and ten thousand dollars on average and sandals resorts will pay you a four percent commission on any sale that you may make.

So that’s anywhere from between $200 or $500 per sale that you are going to make so you really just need to make one or two per day and you easily be able to bring in over $500 per day.

In fact their affiliate program boasts an EPC or earnings per click of over a $137 per click. Which means every click that you’re going to get on average you’re going to make about a $137 that’s kind of mind-boggling.

But it’s 100% true and you can take advantage of it for free by checking them out over at the Sandals Resorts affiliate program.

#7 Website 7 to Make $500 per Day Online

The number seven website is national debt relief. A national debt relief is one of those websites that gives you an opportunity to repair your credit. So debt consolidation and debt relief those are really big businesses nowadays. Because people are always trying to fix their credit.

In fact they are so confident in turning their potentials into actual customers that they will actually pay you a CPA or a cost per action meaning you don’t even need to sell anything you just need to get the contact information for those potential buyers. If you’re able to get qualified leads to national debt consolidation they will pay you $27 per lead.

And if they’re able to actually get someone onto the phone and have what they call a qualified call which typically means having them stay on the phone for at least three to four minutes you would get $41 per call.

So just think about that not even selling anything all you need to do is get the lead get their contact information and order to national debt relief and you’re going to get $27 per lead or $41 per call. So what the amount that they are paying you would easily be able to get somewhere around you know 9, 10 or even 11 or so leads per day not sales, just leads and you would easily eclipse $500 per day.

#6 Website 6 to Make 500$ per Day Online

The next website that can help you make over $500 per day would be WP engine. Now WP engines affiliate program is very-very good. In fact one sale will get you a $200 Commission just think about that $200 just for selling one product.

So the key is as people’s websites are growing. They are going to need higher and higher hosting in order to satisfy the amount of numbers that is coming in to their websites. So you can market to that particular niche of people and you would only need to make about two or three sales per day in order to eclipse $500 per day.

#5 Website 5 to Make $500 per Day Online

The number five place is doTERRA. Yes doTERRA is that essential oils company that actually is a multi-level marketing company. If you want to understand deeply network marketing read my blog what is network marketing?

DoTERRA does that’s different than any other multi-level marketing company that I’ve ever really seen. They kind of flipped their Commission structure on its head most MLM companies will pay you a higher percentage based on who’s directly under you in your downline. So if you’re here the next level would be like seven percent the next level below that you would end up earning like five and then three two and one.

Now doTERRA does it backwards for your first person in your downline, they’ll give you three percent and then five percent and seven all the way down the line. So what this ends up doing is giving you more money in the long run. Simply by referring more people to the service and you can see from the screenshot here you might lose a little money with the structure early on.

But once you get to the deeper levels of the multi-level marketing structure you can end up making around $1, 47,000 per month. Yes a $1, 47,000 per month. It’s a little insane and a little mind-boggling but it’s 100% realistic and people are doing it all the time.

It’s just with these essential oils so another website right there that if you what you’re doing you can really kill it and make way more than $500 per day.

#4 Website 4 to Make $500 per Day Online

The number 4 website is Again is similar to WP engine where it is a high end web hosting platform. However it’s a little different than WP engine because it does not depend on a wordpress even though it does host WordPress. Sorry you can actually host whatever your site is coated by kinsta.

This is a good affiliate program because they pay you anywhere from $50 or $500 per sale with their affiliate program. And then on top of that they pay you a 10% commission month-to-month as long as people stay with that service.

Now typically with high end services like that people will go there and they’ll stay there for years and since these particular services are not cheap we’re talking anywhere between you know maybe 70 or 80 dollars per month just for web hosting.

You’re going to get 10% on each one that you refer month-to-month for as long as they remain a member.

#3 Website 3 to Make 500$ per Day Online

The number-3 website is everybody’s favorite Clickbank. Now Clickbank is one of those huge websites for affiliates but it is packed with a lot of scams. So I really would suggest that you do your research before you start promoting a product. Especially if it’s not really providing any value to your customers.

But a lot of the programs over at Clickbank are very-very lucrative a lot of them again have very many recurring payment type payment structures. So if you can take advantage of one of those sometimes you can get recurring payments of $300 – $400 each just by selling the program once. A simple trick that I like to use when it comes to Clickbank offers click on a particular niche and put everything in order based on gravity.

This will tell you what is hot and what is selling right now and you’ll know if a product is converting or not. Then you can throw paid advertising or even free advertising added so that you can start making it $500 per day with the products over at Clickbank.

#2 Website 2 to Make 500$ per Day Online

The number two best place is one of my personal favourite Now Amazon even though they notoriously pay very low commissions. I mean anywhere from 2 to maybe 8%. Amazon is a conversion machine meaning all you have to really get people to Amazon and your coin to make money.

The great thing about the affiliate program there is the fact that you don’t have to necessarily sell what it is you send people to Amazon for if they buy anything within 24 hours of clicking. The link on your website then you are going to get a commission for it.

For example I had someone buy some diamond rings through and I have never created a niche site ever that had anything to do with diamond rings. But I was able to get a commission for a sale for a diamond ring just because they click my link and then they went and bought it chances are it was like in their cart or something and they just hadn’t bought it yet.

But me sending them to Amazon for their memory they decided to buy and guess who got the Commission. is one of the greatest places to start and you can really make a ton of money on there definitely over $25 per day. If you are able to send enough traffic to the site.

#1 Website 1 to Make $500 per Day Online

The number one website is by So the question might be how you can make over $500 a day just by buying domains.

Well you’re not really buying domains that don’t exist, you’re buying domains that already exists. It’s just that most companies really want that name. So let’s just say I own a business that’s called xyz. But I haven’t necessarily bought the domain name yet What I could do is go for or but chances are you really want that

If someone has already purchased it making it put it for sale over at buy and charge me like a thousand dollars or two thousand dollars just to buy it. But if I want it bad enough I’ll spend the money for it and that’s kind of the whole buy domains kind of fills is it puts people in front of website names that have already been purchased and then gives people like you or me the opportunity to buy those domains at a premium price.

Now you as the affiliate for buy domains can make over a $175 per referral. So if someone goes there and buy the domain you get a $175 and all you would need to do is sell about three of those per day and you’re making over $500 per day.

So hopefully you’re still not sceptical about being able to make over $500 per day. Yes that number is kind of mind-boggling but with the internet just by sending the right kind of traffic to these particular offers you’re going to end up making a pretty good chunk of change.

Now if you have any websites that you can make over $500 or more per day be sure to let me know down in the comments help everybody out so that we can all make money on this big thing that we call the Internet.

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