How to Earn Money from Apps without Admob?

Hey guys, today I am going to tell how to earn money from apps without admob. This blog post specially for app developers but also for app owners and anyone wants to earn money online can read this blog post.

I am also not an app developer still I am making money from this method. So just relax and read the blog post till the end to know each and everything about how to earn money from apps.

So let’s get started.

As you all know one a popular way to earn money from apps is Admob. With the help of Admob we can display ads to our app and earn money by impressions of app.

But today I am going to tell you another method of making money from apps. May be you will know about it but I bet 8 out 10 people don’t know about this method.

So what is that method? Curious to know. Let’s get start straight to the point. Before getting start you have to understand some terms. So we have a quick FAQ session.

What is Data Monetization?

Before get know the method you will understand the term data monetization. What is data monetization? Data monetization is you can earn money by collection data and proving that data to someone else and that someone else will pay you for that.

Now the question raise in your mind is it legal to collect data?

Yes it is legal to collect data but you have to publish a terms and condition and privacy policies page on your app or website if you collecting data from your website.

Who purchase data from me?

Very good question you asked. Before knowing the answer of this question I also searching for answer of this question. So no individual person will purchase this data from you. Big companies will purchase the data from you. For you this is in structured data or may be no use for you or you can use just for email marketing your data.

What details they take?

They take unstructured information. Like how much they spent time on screen? How much internet data they use? Which device a user using? Speed of the Internet? Like this type of information they collect. They don’t collect personal information as this is against the rule.

What they companies do with this data?

This data is very valuable for these companies. They do research on that data. They conduct surveys. They analyse the behavior of the audience. It will help them to make product better and planning for marketing strategies. It will help them to understand the need of consumers.

Why don’t these companies take data from internet?

Yes, you are thinking absolutely right. These companies can data from internet. On internet there are already companies available from where they can purchase this data. But problem is that the available data on internet is out dated. Technology will change very fast. Every single day, every week, every year technology and the behaviour of consumers will change. Almost every time pattern will change.

Every user have different pattern in different seasons like different in summer, winter, on any festival. And the data available on internet is out dated. They will not collect this much of data. And for the corporate it’s necessary to have latest data to modify their product accordingly.

Who are the data collectors?

Again you asked a valid question. Who all are the data collectors? These data collectors are advertisers like Google. If you use Google analytics for your website it will automatically collect your data from there. It is mentioned already in Google analytics terms & polices. And also telecom companies, research institutes, big corporate and marketing companies need this data.

How much data I need to start?

Companies need wholesale compile data that means they need data in bulk. If you want to use this method in your app then you have at least 10,000 per day active users on your app. And second you have to take consent from your user by pop up on your app that you are using this method and sending their data to other company.

Now the time to know the method of earn money from apps

AppGrow is website which takes data from app owners and provide to data collector companies. It is a third party website. AppGrow works as mediator and provides a platform for app owners to provide data and earn money. There is a benefit also if you directly connect to data collector company then you need to have at least 50k active users per day on your app.

If you via third party data collectors then you daily active user requirement on your app will be less and you can earn money easily.

This method is very easy to use. Just go on the website and sign up and you will find all instruction on their website. You don’t have to change anything in your UI.

Let suppose you have 2000 per day active users on your app and around 70,000 per month active users on your app then you will earn around $54 per month. Isn’t it cool without showing ads on your app you will able to earn money from apps?

Hope this blog how to earn money from apps without admob will help you to earn money online. If you want to know more websites from where you can earn $500 per day read my other blog post. If any question please comment and do subscribe for latest updates. Thanks for reading.

Do you know any other similar website or methods? Please share with me in comments.

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