How to Create Blog on Blogger?

If you make a decision to create blog then I must say it’s a very good decision. If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend money then create blog on blogger is the right decision.

But if you start your blog because you want to make money from if so I suggest you to create blog on wordpress. We have another article where you can find a step by step guide of create blog on wordpress.

In this guide I will guide you how to create blog blogger? Before that you have to book your domain name. If you don’t want to spend a single bug and want to try it for free then don’t take a domain name.

But yes, if your purpose to make money from your blog then you have to book a domain name. Here are some sites from where you can book your domain name.

Step by step guide about How to create blog on blogger?

First of all go to and create account here. Sign up with your Gmail account.

Create blog on blogger

Then type your blog name and press continue.

Blog name

Now you are on the dashboard of blogger.

Now click on create blog.

create blog

Let’s go further now type your blog title in title bar, type your domain name in address bar, if you haven’t book a domain and try it for free then type a name you want for your blog. It will make a sub domain on blogger.

Then choose a theme and click on create blog.

blog ready

Congratulation. Your blog is ready.

Now you can start posting your article on your created blog.

Click on New Post to publish a new article.

new post

Then type a post title in title bar and your article.

write article

And click on publish to publish your article.


You can schedule a date and time to post your article that when you want to publish your article. The option available on the right side bar Post Setting >> Schedule >> Set date and time.

schedule date and time

If you want to customize your link of article then you can. Just go to Post Setting >> Permalink >> Custom Permalink.


If you want to add any location then you can. Go to Post Setting >> Location >> Search Location you want.


If you want to disallow users comment on your article then you can by choose Post Setting >> Options >> Reader Comments >> don’t allow.


But I suggest you to allow readers comment this is the way to interact your audience.

For adding new page to your blog go on the left side menu bar click on Pages >> Create New Page.


To change the layout design go to Layout and you can customise your blog layout.


Like if you want to add a favicon you can add it in layout.


To change the header design or nav bar go to layout >> Navbar.


To add image to your post go to layout >> Header.


For making money from your blog go to Earning. You can apply AdSense to your blog to make money from your blog.


If you want to in-depth knowledge of blogging read our blog what is blogging?

I hope this guide on how to create blog on blogger will helpful for you. Still you have any query or confusion you can comment or contact us by email. For latest updates from us subscribe our blog. I will revert your queries not immediately but definitely. Thanks

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