Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2019

Affiliate marketing for beginners in 2019 affiliate marketing is the ability to refer people from your website to another website and if they convert to customers you could pay a commission and a lot of times these Commissions can be anywhere from 5 to 10 percent to even 50-60 or even 70 percent of whatever the customer purchase is once they make it to the site.

affiliate marketing for beginners

It takes a little research but once you correct the code on getting people from your site to another and then they convert to customers all you need to do at that point is scale bigger and we’re not talking about posting this on social media and annoying your friends and family we’re talking about leveraging the largest traffic source on the planet.

In other words the place where four billion people have access to. Yes you got it right the Internet in this blog I’m going to show you the three things that you need to leverage the internet and turn it into a money turning machine.

Find an Idea for Affiliate Marketing

The number one thing you need an idea. An idea is definitely really important to have, because it’s what you are going to base your entire website around you want to be able to find something that one pays a good Commission and is in demand. In fact the best way to find out what is in demand and what people are actually searching for on the Internet is a checklist resource called Google Trends.

Now once you have found something to promote the other thing that you need is a domain name. A domain name is a name that you use to get to a certain website for instance. is a domain is a domain is a domain and a domain name is important for a few reasons.

One is great for branding and branding is the ability to associate yourself with a particular name or phrase for example is my brand it’s also close to my heart because it’s my first blog. What if you were to go to Google right now and search the my website pops up and it is my goal to make sure that when people think of that particular brand they think about avoiding scams online and making money online that’s what a brand is so important.

Buy Domain Name

You want the ability to build your own brand and the best way to do such is to have a domain name. Another reason to have a domain name is for the SEO benefits or search engine optimization. You see when it comes to Google they want to make sure that they are providing their customers or the searchers with the best experience possible and most of the time the best way to service the customer from Google standpoint is to provide a website that talks exactly about what they’re looking for.

So, since Google wants to serve up websites that talk particularly about their problems, they are going to refer Authority blogs and blogs are things that anyone can write. Yes that’s right I said anyone so don’t be cheap and skipped a step in getting a domain name, the SEO benefits and the branding are worth its weight in gold. If you want to buy domain name for free check out my other blog post.

Buy Hosting Service

The third thing that you need for affiliate marketing for beginners in 2019 is hosting. Hosting is basically where your website lives a good way to remember is a domain name. It’s like buying an address where hosting is like buying the house you can’t really have one without the other you use the address to get into the house. Just like you use the domain name to get into your hosting or to get into your actual website.

You don’t want to have cheap hosting there are millions of places online that will promise to give you hosting either for free or for very-very cheap like even one penny cheap and we’re not saying that places like these are particularly bad. But you get what you pay for and then hosting nowadays is so cheap that it really doesn’t make any sense to go super cheap on it anyway where you can get really good hosting on a budget.


So you need an idea a domain name and hosting and sometimes it can get a little confusing having to get the idea from one place and then get the domain name from another website and then get be hosting from another website and then trying to put those altogether.

I hope this blog post about affiliate marketing for beginners in 2019 is really helpful for you. If you have any queries please comment. Subscribe my blog for latest blog posts.

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